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SMRs are being considered as a viable nuclear option to positively contribute to mitigating the climate change. SMRs are newer generation reactors designed to generate electric power typically ranges from 10 MW and up to 300 MW. SMRs components and systems can be shop fabricated and then transported as modules to the sites for installation as demand arises. Most of the SMR designs adopt advanced or even inherent safety features and are deployable either as a single or multi-module plant.

SMRs are under development for different types of reactor lines: water cooled reactors, high temperature gas cooled reactors, liquid metal, sodium and gas-cooled reactors with fast neutron spectrum, molten salt reactors, and microreactors. The key driving forces of SMR development are fulfilling the need for flexible power generation for a wider range of users and applications, replacing ageing fossil-fired units, enhancing safety performance, and offering better economic affordability.

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We Provide Innovative Solutions In Following Areas


Nuclear Innovation

We provide innovative solutions while maintaining safety as our number one priority.


Modern Design Engineering

Our design incorporates modern ideas while maintaining the fit, form, and function of the systems.


Plant Configuration & Modernization

We have expertise in configuration management and replacement of obsolete equipments.


Project Management

Our leadership team members are certified Project Management Professionals.


Quality Assurance

We provide Quality Product that meets Codes, Standards, and Regulatory Requirements.

Message from our Founder, President & CEO

Rander Canadian Innovative Solutions (RCIS) plans to play a key role in providing clean, safe, and affordable energy to millions of Canadian.  Our design of Small Modular Reactor with target output of 40 MW per unit will provide low-carbon power to Canadian homes, offices, businesses, battery charging for electric vehicles, and fulfilling other day to day necessity for electric power.  

Since number of SMRs deployed worldwide will be greater in number, the design must be safe, simplified, and user friendly.  Our design is expected to be one of the safest SMR design in the world with enhanced safety and shutdown system.  Our failsafe design function will ensure the safety of the employees, public, and environment in any abnormal event.  Our SMRs will have the flexibility to easily transport to centralized remote location facility for refueling and maintenance activities.  
Our goal is to deploy larger number of approved RCIS design SMRs in Canada and around the world by 2030.

As our company will take leadership role in developing and deploying SMRs worldwide, we aim to build a diverse team and provide equal opportunities to our members regardless of race, religious belief, ethnicity, sex, gender, age and disability.  Our organization will provide opportunity to members of visible minority to be part of the leadership team.  Our company will provide next generation leaders and workforce that will include youth, women, and indigenous people.  

We fully endorse Government of Canada’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Statement of Principles and Action Plan. I have been providing Engineering and Project Management services to Canadian Nuclear Industry for last two decades.  I am confident that our experience in nuclear industry, culture of safety, and planning will position us to manage this challenge.

Thank you,

Imran M. Pathan (BEng, PEng, PMP)

President & CEO,
Rander Canadian Innovative Solutions Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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