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Rander Canadian Innovative Solutions (RCIS) Inc. is a technology start-up company that is committed to provide innovative solutions to Canadian Nuclear Industry. We strongly believe that Nuclear Energy will continue to play significant role in providing clean, safe, and affordable energy to millions of Canadian. Our company has been providing Engineering, Project Management, Quality Assurance and Procurement services to Canadian Nuclear Industry since 2003. We fully endorse Government of Canada’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Statement of Principles and Action Plan.

Our company has years of in-depth knowledge of CANDU technology based Nuclear Reactors and associated Primary and Secondary Systems. Our company founder has been providing services to renowned companies such as Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., Ontario Power Generation (OPG), Bruce Power, BWXT, and Energy Solutions. We have in-house experience and expertise in modification and development of Nuclear Reactor Design, Primary and Secondary Systems in Nuclear Power Plant, Fuelling Machine and Nuclear Fuel Handling related systems.

Our goal is to apply the knowledge gained in Nuclear Industry over last two decades, perform research and development activities, and develop a feasible reactor design on a small scale. Based on the initial concept, our target is to develop 40 MW Small Modular Reactor that will provide low-carbon power to Canadian Homes, offices, businesses, heating to buildings, battery charging for electric vehicles and fulfilling other day to day necessity for electric power. 

RCIS is a Nuclear Start-up company with vision to establish Nuclear Design Engineering Office in the riding of York South Weston. Our company is currently located in this community of York South Weston.   This region has one of the lowest household incomes in the Greater Toronto Area. Our start-up organization success will result in increase in high paying Nuclear jobs in the region